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Online Pool Rummy catching fire!

As the name suggests, it’s a multi-player game. Another thing, which it doesn’t tell, is that you need rapid math and coordination of mind and hand, be its physical format or digital, you need all of it.

You must be thinking, what is so special about this game that it’s the most played game on ace2three, RummyCircle, Jungleerummy and all major online card game sites, famous for Indian Rummy? Well, the lovers of this classic-modern game are expressing their affection for pool rummy on the respective sites’ reviews columns. Have a look-

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RummyCircle makes Indian Rummy popular among girls

It was just a normal get together with my school friends after 2 years. We were a big bunch of friends in school and fortunately, all of them had turn up for this gathering. I was looking forward to a great time with them.  The girls were all chirpy and lively but guys were glued to their cell phones- 4 of them, all busy on their phones. We had to shake one of them to get answer and turns out they were all busy playing a rummy game on some “private table” at “largest rummy site of India”. We would have let them play quietly but for this one guy whose words were not so decent- “Don’t bother..rummy I not for might just be too intelligent for you”. And the tempers started soaring.  “Just because it is a card game doesn’t mean girls cannot play”, I said. The very moment, all of us took to our phones and decided to check out this site, after all, we were all curious as to what could this game have that makes it so intelligent and “not for girls”. Simply download rummy app on your mobile and try by your self before reaching to any decision.

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Online Card Gaming Explosion in India is an Indication of its Social Acceptance!

India may be late in joining the online card game frenzy, but it’s surely pushing hard for a space of its own. Two crucial factors – a smart new generation, and the easy access to Smartphones – have already triggered the dawn of a gaming mentality.

Data: A KPMG-FICCI study released in 2010 forecasts that the Indian online gaming market, which was around US $5 billion in 2009, will catapult and reach $60 billion by 2017.

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A Game that Your Wife Will Love as Much as You do

Rummy can be a rewarding game not for you but also for your wife. Our Rummy Stars share their personal stories of how RummyCircle helped them to make their partners feel special – and love the game of Rummy.

Prasad Dangeti, a Businessman from Hyderabad, is a regular player on RummyCircle. He has been consistently winning Rs 5,000 per week playing Rummy in his free time. When his wife saw him playing and winning, she also got interested in the game. It was easy for her to learn the basics and Prasad even guided his wife on how best to play 13  card rummy. Now they both win some amount on RummyCircle every week.

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Freeroll Tournaments on Ace2Three

Ace2Three hosts Daily Freeroll Tournaments for its members. These are held on all days of the week, except Saturdays. This is because the Weekly Freeroll Tournament is held every Saturday. Though the entry to these tournaments is free or may involve a small buy-in, the winners are guaranteed a cash prize. These tournaments are known as “Freeroll Tourneys” on the Ace2Three website.

Two Daily Freeroll Tournaments are scheduled every days – at 3pm and 10pm. The cash prize is Rs. 35,000 each. Thus, Ace2Three offers its members a chance to win Rs. 70,000 every day through its Freeroll Tourneys.

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Regular Tournaments on Classic Rummy

The Regular Tournaments on Classic Rummy are also known as Regular Tourneys. It is a multi-player and multi-table tournament that is open exclusively for non-paying members. There is no entry fee for the tournament and the players can win cash prizes.

There is also a free re-join option once registered to the tournament, in case a member is unable to cross a level. Players can win up to Rs. 2,000, while on Saturdays the cash prize rises to Rs. 5,000.

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Weekend Freerolls on Junglee Rummy

The entry for the Weekend Freeroll Tournament on Junglee Rummy is free for all members. The participants simply have to update some contact details, such email ID and phone number for getting the tickets to participate in online rummy tournaments. . The participants can win Rs. 5,000 on Saturdays in the Showdown Saturday tournament and Rs. 10,000 on Sundays in the Sunday Superstars tournament. The tournament matches typically start at 9pm.

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Beginner Tournaments on Ace2Three

Ace2Three hosts special tournaments for beginners of 13 card game. Although the entry to the Beginner Tournaments is free, one needs to have purchased real chips at least once on Ace2Three in order to participate. Moreover, one can register for these tournaments for a maximum of 30 days from their first purchase of real chips. After 30 days of purchasing real chips, players are not considered as “new members” and therefore not eligible for the Beginner Tournaments.

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