Free Rummy Sites in India

Are you looking for sites that offer free Rummy games online? Here’s your chance to compare various aspects of the sites and choose one that gives you the best experience. brings to you all the information you need to make the right decision. Your gaming experience depends heavily on the platform you choose to play this exciting game on. We make it easier to choose the right site for you! has checked out various leading Rummy sites and done a thorough analysis of what they offer.

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  • Rummy Circle

RummyCircle is owned and managed by Play Games24x7 Pvt. Ltd. RummyCircle has a professional certification from iTech Labs Australia, a premium certification organization in the online gaming domain.
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Ace2three is owned and operated by Head Infotech India Pvt Ltd. It is among the oldest rummy playing websites for Indians. Ace2Three aims at promoting rummy as a professional game.
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Octro Rummy

Octro Rummy is owned and managed by Octro Inc. Octro Rummy is one of the few Indian online rummy playing platforms that allow you to play Indian13 Card Rummy with your friends on Facebook.
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Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is owned and managed by Innopark India Pvt Ltd. The platform offers several opportunities for playing online rummy games for free. Players are encouraged to play for free.
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5 Rummy Tournaments You Can’t Miss At RummyCircle

What’s the one thing that keeps all 13 card game players, asking for more, wishing for more and looking for more? Well, it is new tournaments and rummy cash games that can challenge, excite and entertain them. Well, look no further. Check out these five rummy tournaments that you just can’t miss at Just login or register with RummCircle and start playing online rummy tournaments now.

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4 Perks to Play Rummy for Free at

The first thing that strikes your mind when you are asked about the benefits of playing online Rummy is winning money. Perhaps at the outset, this statement appears to be correct. But the fact of the matter is money making is not at all one of the primary perks associated with online Rummy.

Play rummy anytime anywhere

The business of winning money normally is not as exciting to say the least and so it need not be a reason for you to enroll yourself at to join online Rummy, a game which gives unlimited fun and entertainment. There are numerous ways to become rich but there are only a few ways to stay enriched as a satisfied human being. Here are the benefits to play Rummy for free at, that will make you rush to register yourself at, wasting not even a split of a second, that’s a guarantee.

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Why Rummy Players Love RummyCircle Daily Tournaments

Do you want to play rummy tournaments? If you do, RummyCircle has the best online rummy tournaments for you! Enter the world of most energizing configuration of rummy recreations and enjoy the thrill of winning free cash in multi-table tournaments. Put your skills to the ultimate test and compete in the smashing rummy tournaments to win massive cash prizes!

We have an awesome range of free tournaments for you! Look at the energizing rummy tournaments that you can join at RummyCircle and win super prize pools! If you are a newbie, you can learn how to play rummy tournaments online by watching the online demo videos tutorials.

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RummyCircle: The One Stop Destination for All Rummy Lovers

Rummy lovers from India now don’t need to look any further. RummyCircle is your one stop destination for all rummy games, at any time and any day. All a person needs to do is Register with RummyCircle and start playing cash games right away.

Online Rummy Tournaments

RummyCircle run tournaments and exclusive bonuses for its players on a regular basis. Here are the current tournaments and bonus rewards for February.

Online Rummy Tournaments

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Experience the thrill of rummy with exciting rummy tournaments

Rummy is the best group of games on the basis of skill and focus of its participants. The part of competition makes every game an energetic and thrilling event. Online rummy tournaments bring players from all over the world collectively for an exclusive gaming experience. Traditional rummy tournaments generally bring in attractive prizes and different benefits.

When rummy tournaments are open for registration, players can register and turn up when the tourney is all about to start. The tournament is a multiplayer occurrence where at any stage players can be removed, whereas others go forward to play towards the top places.

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Learn to find out online rummy offers that are good for you

As we have assessed the benefits and drawbacks of playing online rummy game, now it is time to take it to a different level. As you know that various reputed websites are offering rummy games online and this has introduced a great deal of competition. In this case, competition can only lead to one thing – a large number of choices for the end user.

As a player of these games, you have so many alternatives that it has become hard to wade through the total volume and distinguish which offer goes with you and which one not. This task has become an essential part of playing Indian rummy game online.

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Rummy Tournaments, Bonus and offers at RummyCircle

One of the most significant parts of rummy is to participate in different rummy tournament and improve your skills in the game. Generally, rummy tournaments are particular events or competitions that are opened for already defined number of players online. One of the players who reach at the top position surely is announced as the tournament’s winner. Each of the attributes of the tournament is already defined and most websites issue the set of details for players well in advance. When such events take place in the online world it is sure that players are anticipated to get ready themselves to take part in the game play.

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Bonus and Offers that Rummy Player Enjoy at Rummy Circle

Rummy is an exciting game to relax and finish your day in an ideal way. Rummy Circle offers players with both free as well as cash rummy tables. You can select any table of your choice and have a big time whereas you grow your brain cells with new abilities. As rummy needs you to play with your abilities, you can make sure to upgrade your abilities every time you spend time in playing the game, both online as well as offline.

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Rummy – Know all about history…!!

Rummy is a game that is not only played in India but it is popular worldwide. Rummy is played by people of ages and groups as this family game has a unique structure of withdrawing and dumping cards and as the rules of the game are that one needs to get rid of all the cards that they are holding in hands and also needs to form a set or runs . This game is also considered to be the third most popular game in the world.

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Important Rummy Game Rules to Calculate Points

Rummy is a remarkable game that will make our brains working and offers us with big enjoyment. This is the key reason for its credit worldwide. The Indian rummy game is the thirteen card rummy that is widely known for its difference among people of every age group. This never-ending game is always trending. An online version of rummy game is hosted and also well-known among the different traditions of India. Rummy is a game that needs a bit of fortune and ability to win. As there are various rummy websites like Rummy Circle that offers rummy players an enjoyable gaming experience.

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