Free Rummy Sites in India

Are you looking for sites that offer free Rummy games online? Here’s your chance to compare various aspects of the sites and choose one that gives you the best experience. brings to you all the information you need to make the right decision. Your gaming experience depends heavily on the platform you choose to play this exciting game on. We make it easier to choose the right site for you! has checked out various leading Rummy sites and done a thorough analysis of what they offer.

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  • Rummy Circle

RummyCircle is owned and managed by Play Games24x7 Pvt. Ltd. RummyCircle has a professional certification from iTech Labs Australia, a premium certification organization in the online gaming domain.
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Ace2three is owned and operated by Head Infotech India Pvt Ltd. It is among the oldest rummy playing websites for Indians. Ace2Three aims at promoting rummy as a professional game.
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Octro Rummy

Octro Rummy is owned and managed by Octro Inc. Octro Rummy is one of the few Indian online rummy playing platforms that allow you to play Indian13 Card Rummy with your friends on Facebook.
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Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is owned and managed by Innopark India Pvt Ltd. The platform offers several opportunities for playing online rummy games for free. Players are encouraged to play for free.
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How to make your life easier with this game?


You must have read multiple tips and suggestions that help you in enjoying life and make things simpler for you. However, most of them only work when we make some significant changes in our life. But here is one game, that doesn’t ask for much changes but still can make your life easier in many ways. Not sure, how do we go about this, check this out.

Entertainment without constraint

One of the challenges with entertainment options around us are we get limited to the timing it offers us. We have to plan our schedule as per the timings of the show or TV series. Of course, not to mention the limited options we have to pick from. However, the game of rummy can keep you entertained for hours and you can play at your own pace and comfort.

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Analysis of online and offline rummy

analysis of online rummy and offline rummy

The bewildering analysis – which one is better “Online Rummy or Offline Rummy”? Be that as it may, these two have their own high points and low points. Regardless, when inspected suitably, playing Indian rummy online is a better choice over offline one. Playing rummy offline may provoke the poor rearranging of cards, deceiving, botches in point estimation, and contentions over winning money prizes. In Online rummy, you don’t need to worry over anything as the electronic programming will handle each issue from revamping the cards to point tally.

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Charm of Indian Rummy


The superb and well-known 13 card online game, which is broadly acknowledged and named as The Indian Rummy. This card game has scattered to various parts of the world, which took its introduction to the world on the place that is known for decent variety in India. Henceforth, it is warmly summoned as Indian Rummy. The other name for Indian Rummy is Celebs Rummy. A little is thought about the source of rummy; there are many proposes that conflict with each other. Many say that it scattered from Mexico, some say that it developed from Spain others name America. There is no such uncertainty about the starting point of the Indian rummy; it took its introduction to the world in India.

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Advantages of different types of rummy


The interest in online Rummy never goes vapid as the game is stuffed with multiple varieties of it, popular among them being Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. Each of them is guarded by its own set of rules and regulations. Since each of these three types are unique in its own way, people do not seem to lose interest at all as they are free to choose the ones that seem to suit their style of play. With each offering different methods and mode of play, let us now analyse and list out the advantages of respective styles of Rummy.

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Points you need to understand about Rummy

points rummy

Rummy is a card game, which is from well-known games like Gin and Conquian, and is now broadly being played in southern parts of India. The game of 13 cards Indian rummy rose to notoriety since it moved to online gaming stages and its huge prevalence won’t go down at any point soon. Since the game can be played for both free and genuine cash, individuals love to play this multiplayer game that would suit maximum of 6 players.

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Things to avoid for a better Rummy game play

Importance of knowing the rules:

Rummy is an extremely enthralling game which is broadly played in India. By offering the players with a chance to securely play rummy online extensive variety of players love the game. Many web portals provide the players with a powerful gaming stage where they can appreciate world-class gaming background online. All you need to know is how to play rummy online. In any case, before you begin playing rummy online, there are some essential things that you should note. By following rummy rules, you will have the capacity to appreciate rummy the way it ought to be.

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How this game is as cool as Game of Thrones


Shows like Game of Thrones parallels the HBO, building up somewhere in the range of fundamentals that enthusiasts of the series have a long time since it had come to embrace. The domain of Westeros is cold blooded and brutal, and very little is sacred when nobility and crazy people make a move for control. There is a conspicuous history and weight to the occasions paving the way to this diversion that can be scary for newcomers, yet the core of the contention is

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The smart way to play free rummy tournaments

Free rummy

Sitting in a place of your choice, if you are interested to win some additional cash, then playing Indian Rummy online is, by default the best choice for you. You invest nothing but your skill and intelligence in making it happen. The online Rummy has now become the favourite pastime for over 5 million individuals who spend every bit of spare time that they get by playing online Rummy amidst their busy schedules. Will anyone complain if the idle time is spent productively to win money? So, here is how smartly you can win money playing in free Rummy tournaments in the most popular Rummy website called “RummyCircle.”

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Where to play free rummy tournaments and how?

How to play rummy

Rummy tournaments are challenging and bring with them a load of excitement, packed with action. There are both free rummy tournaments and with fees as well. A player can select a tournament as per preference and win real cash and rewards. Let’s show where to play free rummy tournaments and how to get started.

How to play free rummy tournaments

Free rummy tournaments mean the online tournaments without any joining fee. These tournaments are absolutely free to play, however you still win real cash prizes. Here are the steps to play free rummy tournaments.

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Which is the best website to play Rummy for free?

Although there are umpteen online Rummy websites available to play the game for free, RummyCircle has always been the choice of majority of the game’s aspirants. People who are hooked on to Rummy, are interested in playing the game only in RummyCircle, for they find it more convenient and trustworthy than the rest. RummyCircle is regarded widely as the best site to play the game for free for a reason. Let us now see one by one as to what makes RummyCircle the best online promotion.

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