5 Rummy Tournaments You Can’t Miss At RummyCircle

What’s the one thing that keeps all 13 card game players, asking for more, wishing for more and looking for more? Well, it is new tournaments and rummy cash games that can challenge, excite and entertain them. Well, look no further. Check out these five rummy tournaments that you just can’t miss at rummycircle.com. Just login or register with RummCircle and start playing online rummy tournaments now.

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Saturday Mega Bonanza

Well, this is the biggest tournament of this month. The tournament is scheduled for Saturday, 24th March and will start at 3 PM. There is no entry fee to the tournament, however registration for the game is mandatory. The registrations start from 9 AM on the same day. Now comes the big part, the winning amount for this tournament is a total of 10 lakh with guaranteed prize for each player.

Rummy Superstar

This is the second big tournament running this month. The tournament is held once a month and this time it is on 26th March, starting 6 PM. However, this tournament has an entry fee of Rs. 10,000. But wait, the total prize is also Rs. 20 Lakh and the first prize is 5 lakh. There will be only 225 players who can join this tournament, so book your seat fast.

Weekend Loot Premium

This is the third most interesting rummy tournament running on RummyCircle.com this month. This rummy tournament happens every Saturday from 5 PM with a total prize of 1.2 lakh and above. There are different sub tournaments running here with varying entry fee starting from Rs. 10. A cash player can pick any tournament as per preference. There are also tickets to be won for the grand finale to be won on Sunday. The tickets can only be won via this tournament. So, once more book your seat before it gets totally filled out.

Jackpot Tournaments

There are 7 different jackpot tournaments running every day at an interval of one hour. Even though the prize money is not significantly high, players have an opportunity to play more games every day and win bigger cash rewards. The entry fee is also minimal starting Re. 1. Join this cash tournament and you can win from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 7500. If you are a beginner of online rummy, you can learn rummy rules at RummyCircle.com.

Reward Point Tournaments

All RummyCircle players get reward points when they play in tournaments and games. Now what to do with these reward points? This tournament lets you play cash out your reward points and join the game. All players are eligible for this tournament and can win up to Rs. 70,400. The tournament happens every Tuesday from 8 PM but once more you need to register for the game.

So, what are the tournaments you are going to join this week. Register with RummyCircle and get your entry into the cash tournaments with big prizes. Join Today!


5 Rummy Tournaments You Can’t Miss At RummyCircle
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