A Game that Your Wife Will Love as Much as You do

Rummy can be a rewarding game not for you but also for your wife. Our Rummy Stars share their personal stories of how RummyCircle helped them to make their partners feel special – and love the game of Rummy.

Prasad Dangeti, a Businessman from Hyderabad, is a regular player on RummyCircle. He has been consistently winning Rs 5,000 per week playing Rummy in his free time. When his wife saw him playing and winning, she also got interested in the game. It was easy for her to learn the basics and Prasad even guided his wife on how best to play 13  card rummy. Now they both win some amount on RummyCircle every week.

“We purchased a fridge with the amount we both won on RummyCircle last month. I play rummy for entertainment, and if I get extra income, it’s nice only”, says Prasad. Rummy surely helped this couple bond over a game of Rummy


Another player, a Sales Manager from Coimbatore, found out about RummyCircle from Facebook. Ramachandran’s favourite hobby is online games, and thus he started playing Rummy regularly on RummyCircle.com

He used to win cash amounts now and then but one day, he won a Samsung Galaxy Mobile in the Sunday Masters Tournament. He was ecstatic. And guess what he did. “I gifted the mobile phone to my wife. She was so happy that she also plays on RummyCircle now”, says Ramachandran.

Ramachandran’s experience has been so good that he has referred RummyCircle to a lot of his friends too.

Here’s is another example of a couple from Hyderabad who started playing Rummy on RummyCircle. Jaheer Basha, a Sales Manager from Hyderabad, has won a total of Rs 40,000 on RummyCircle. When his wife saw that his winnings were real, she also started playing on RummyCircle. It’s easy to learn and easy to play. But Jaheer also points out that it may not be a good idea to play every hand that you are dealt. “To win, it is important to think and play”, says Jaheer.

So here’s a game that any couple can enjoy together. Why wait. Register and play on RummyCircle today. If you are good at it, you may get a chance to shower your wife with gifts. read how to play rummy section of the site, sharpen your rummy skills, improve your chance of winning rummy.

A Game that Your Wife Will Love as Much as You do
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