Advantages of different types of rummy


The interest in online Rummy never goes vapid as the game is stuffed with multiple varieties of it, popular among them being Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. Each of them is guarded by its own set of rules and regulations. Since each of these three types are unique in its own way, people do not seem to lose interest at all as they are free to choose the ones that seem to suit their style of play. With each offering different methods and mode of play, let us now analyse and list out the advantages of respective styles of Rummy.

Points Rummy:

  1. There are no special rules combating normal Rummy game as far as points Rummy is concerned. It is a typical Rummy game which you can play knowing the rules of Indian Rummy, in general.
  2. This game starts and ends in a wink of an eye as it lasts for only one deal. So, you can play many games of this type in your free time and win loads of money.
  3. The game is least disputed as the players play for points having a pre-decided rupee value.
  4. If a player fails to make his move within the allotted time, he is awarded extra time to do it depending on the total time left.
  5. This is the easiest of all Rummy games.

Pool Rummy:

  1. Since you know exactly the point beyond which you should not score (101 in case of 101 pool Rummy and 201 in case of 201 pool Rummy) you will know exactly what is expected of you and will be extra careful that you don’t breach the said points.
  2. This is the longest form of Rummy and so you have time to better your performance in the upcoming deals.
  3. Like Points Rummy, extra time is allotted in this type of Rummy too in case if a player does not make his move within the time specified.

Deals Rummy:

  1. This exciting form of Rummy is played for a fixed number of deals and so the players can be calculative as to how to plan your succeeding deals.
  2. The ranking system is given at the end of each deal which makes the result easier to be declared at the end of pre-decided number of deals.
  3. A player need not be disheartened once he loses a deal as he gets more chances to rejuvenate himself and play successive deals better.

Thus, each form of Rummy has its own advantages which makes the game interesting to play and the players can choose the one that has the qualities in par with their attitude. Once you are through with how to play Rummy, you can easily play any of its types.

Advantages of different types of rummy
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