Bored of Watching Soap Operas, why not play Indian Rummy

When laptops & mobile phones were not a commodity (they have become much more affordable now), there was only one companion (in electronics space) for us. That companion is fondly called as TV (Television). We did have radio during those times but it had limited programs and hence, TV always won the battle of supremacy ­čÖé

During the early 1990’s, there was only one widely viewed channel which was the famous DD (or Doordarshan). It was very popular for a primary reason “There were no alternatives to DD” & kids/parents were compelled to watch it even if kids were not interested. ‘Compelling’ sounds a very tough word but as a kid, I happened to love DD Metro which had cartoon programs like He-Man, Giant Robot, Mickey Mouse etc. and mythological programs like Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. And how can we forget Chayageet that had an awesome compilation of Hindi songs.

But time flies very quickly… fast forward now and I bet you would find minimum 4 to 5 phones in one house. One of the reasons for this fanatic growth is because┬áthe rise in the disposable income of new-age Indians & increased usage of plastic cash (Debit Card, Credit Card etc.). Well, our focus today is not Mobile but TV. Unlike old era, now you have varieties of channels on TV like Star Plus, Colors, Star Sports, 9XM etc. Many of these channels are known for its serials aka Soap Operas. Soap Operas are┬áserial dramas on television┬áthat revolve around the lives of many characters and the core of the program would be ‘Emotional Bonding’ or ‘Emotional Relationships’

The targeted audiences of these soap operas are mostly Housewives who watch these programs after they get tired from their household chores. ┬áSoap operas start from around 7.00 in the evening and continue till 11:00. This is the time when Housewives are done with the work & need some source of relaxation ­čÖé In my building, many of them even discuss about the earlier episodes, what is expected next in the programs etc. and this is what brings better TRP for the programs (The anxiety to know what would happen in today’s episode)!! But where I stay in a place called Dahanu, there is an electricity cut that happens every 3 days a week and it is mostly in the evening. This leaves many of them (including myself) to look out for alternate source of entertainment other than TV.

When my mother who is a dedicated housewife was scouting for options she came across Pack of cards, she immediately thought “Why not play cards when we cannot watch TV”. She discussed about this alternative with her friends and they thought it was an awesome way to keep them engaged. They began discussing options for rummy card games in India┬álike 3-2-5, Donkey, Mendikot etc. but the unanimous winner was the┬áIndian Rummy. Some of them were somewhat aware about Rummy rules but for the goodwill of everyone, one of the aunties who played 13 card game a lot during childhood decided to share rules of Indian Rummy.

  1. Rummy can be played with minimum 2 and maximum 6 players (2 decks).
  2. Pack of cards is called as Deck
  3. Each deck contains 52 cards. There are 4 suits namely Hearts, Spade, Diamonds, Club and a deck contains 13 cards of each suit.
  4. There is one Joker in the game which is selected at the beginning of the tournament. Joker can be a replacement for any missing card and hence it is recommended that Joker is used very wisely.
  5. Sets & Sequences are two important aspects in Indian Rummy.
  6. Set is a combination of 3 or more cards of different suits but they need to be of the same value.
  7. Sequence is a combination of 3 or more cards of same suite but of different value. In fact, the cards should be in Sequential manner and hence it is termed as Sequence.
  8. There needs to be at least one Sequence called as Pure Sequence which is a Sequence without a Joker.
  9. The game ends when any of players declares Rummy.

These rules were the starting point for many of them but as the game progressed, there were many questions. They had gone through the page for more than a week and after they returned back, all the aunties had become pro at Rummy ­čÖé Mobile is definitely changing the Rummy world.

I think Indian Rummy needs much more intelligence than making a soap opera ­čÖé In fact, I am very happy they chose this option and many times they skip watching their shows and prefer playing Rummy!! Surely, Rummy is bringing more light in their lives (even when there is no electricity) & looks like their association with Indian Rummy would last forever!!

Bored of Watching Soap Operas, why not play Indian Rummy
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