Experience the thrill of rummy with exciting rummy tournaments

Rummy is the best group of games on the basis of skill and focus of its participants. The part of competition makes every game an energetic and thrilling event. Online rummy tournaments bring players from all over the world collectively for an exclusive gaming experience. Traditional rummy tournaments generally bring in attractive prizes and different benefits.

When rummy tournaments are open for registration, players can register and turn up when the tourney is all about to start. The tournament is a multiplayer occurrence where at any stage players can be removed, whereas others go forward to play towards the top places.

Tournament prizes are generally found out by the buy-in and the number of participants (if not affirmed otherwise). The more players a tournament has, and the higher its buy-in – the more probability of its having a very attractive prize.

A tournament normally ends with four finalists playing at the last table. Those players will win the greater part of the pot.

There are two main types of tournaments in rummy. The first one is called as elimination tournament. In this type of tournament, there is a prefixed elimination verge, and players that approach to this verge or go beyond it are eliminated. This type of tournament connects with a particular scoring system of the rummy card game, in which players get penalty points at the end of every round, for each card remaining in their hand. Thus, the final player remaining at the table after all other players have been eliminated is the first winner. This type of tournament fits in both one table tournament and multi-table tournaments.

The second type of tournament was added later and called Points Tournament. This type of tournament play fits in the game of rummy 500. In rummy 500, the scoring system varies a little bit. Here, players obtain positive points for each card they have melded on the table, and so the winner of a round or game, is the player who approaches or goes beyond the prefixed target score initially.

There are also some other types of rummy tournaments, each with its own attributes and characteristics. Players can benefit from fast speed turbo and speed tournaments, as well as qualifier tournaments (for inexpensive entry into larger, more exclusive events), definite cash prize tournaments for a large number of players. The application also provides more particular tournaments like beginners’ tables, added prize tournaments, royal stars club members, and different types of competitions.

So, play your cards right away and win big cash prizes today!

Experience the thrill of rummy with exciting rummy tournaments
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