Freeroll Tournaments on Ace2Three

Ace2Three hosts Daily Freeroll Tournaments for its members. These are held on all days of the week, except Saturdays. This is because the Weekly Freeroll Tournament is held every Saturday. Though the entry to these tournaments is free or may involve a small buy-in, the winners are guaranteed a cash prize. These tournaments are known as “Freeroll Tourneys” on the Ace2Three website.

Two Daily Freeroll Tournaments are scheduled every days – at 3pm and 10pm. The cash prize is Rs. 35,000 each. Thus, Ace2Three offers its members a chance to win Rs. 70,000 every day through its Freeroll Tourneys.

There are also Regular Freeroll Tournaments held at 1 pm every day, with cash prizes of Rs. 10,000 on Saturdays and Rs. 2,000 on the rest of the days of the week.

Beginner Tournaments also have free entry. New members who have bought real chips for the first time on the site can participate in these tournaments for up to 30 days after purchasing the chips. The cash prize is Rs. 1,000 and the schedule of this tournament keeps changing

The registration and entry process to the Freeroll Tourneys is simple. You can either register on the Ace2Three website or on their downloadable app.

Log in to one of these tournaments and enter the virtual game lobby. Once in, click on the “Tournaments” tab. The register button in green appears and needs to be clicked. A confirmation message would then pop-up. The member needs to click on “Yes” to complete the registration process.

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Freeroll Tournaments on Ace2Three
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