Get… Set… Go… Join the Elite Club of RummyStars

become rummy starMost of us would have watched the famous advertisement on TV whose tag line is “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hain” [Every Friend is Important]. It gives us a great sense of satisfaction that we have someone who cares about us, who advises us, who is a well-wisher and the list goes on & on… In fact, if we think of writing about our friends than words would not suffice 🙂

In good old days when there was no social media [good old reminiscences], reaching out to old friends & keeping in touch with them was a bigger task. In this digital era, things have rapidly changed largely due to the evolution of Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Having a huge network of friends is one side of the coin but using that network to its fullest potential is another side of the coin. Be it any game, it is always fun when you have your friends to challenge you. has come up with an innovative program so that your bonding with friends continues on their platform as well. This is possible by inviting your social media friends for a 13 card game with their Rummy Stars program.

Well, how would you benefit if your friends join RummyCircle? You stand out a chance to enter the elite club of RummyStars!! There are baggage full of added perks for these stalwarts i.e.  RummyStars, some of which are listed below:

  • Leveraging the power of social media would reap you lot of benefits. Build your RummyCircle network by inviting friends from different social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Similar to exclusive “Lounge Access” to Business class passengers in airports, RummyStars would get an exclusive platform to express their thoughts on how to improve skills.
  • Today’s era is about “Personalization” 🙂 RummyStars would get personalized profile page on RummyStar & you get referral bonus when your invited friend joins RummyCircle.
  • You get a total Rs. 1000 per paying referral. There is no limit on the earnings made through referral, Sky is the limit 🙂
  • As a RummyStar, you get detailed Social Analytics dashboard which would help you to make maximum use of your social network. It would give detailed break-up of people joining RummyCircle through your referral.

In order to maximize impact, your profile should fulfill these basic requirements:

  • As a RummyStar, the more you are active on Social Media; more would be the benefits 🙂 So, share your RummyStar profile on Facebook, Twitter etc at regular intervals.
  • Have a high resolution photo as a profile picture. Oops, you don’t have it 🙁 Why worry … RummyCircle has partnered with professional photographers & photo-studios and they would ensure that you have a great profile picture for your RummyCircle account.
  • When our money is in banks, we worry – “What would happen to my deposited money if my account becomes dormant?”… RummyStars need not have this tension 🙂 You get the referral bonus even after your RummyStar profile is inactive…

We are sure you are excited to hop on the bus called “RummyStar” but your excitement might become quadrupled when you have a look at what our existing rummy star are saying about being in this elite list 🙂

Time is now to be a hero..a star…a RummyStar !!

Get… Set… Go… Join the Elite Club of RummyStars
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