Junglee Rummy : New to the Competition

JungleeRummy.com is owned and managed by Junglee Games India Private Limited. It is among the latest entries into the online rummy arena. The graphics look well-defined and the instructions are easy to follow. The platform offers a variety of free and paid entry tournaments.

There are contests and competitions offering bonus money for referrals to new players as well as actively promoting the Junglee Rummy page on social networks. The innovative names for the tournaments do manage to grab the attention of new and existing players.

The Gaming Interface

There are both 2D and 3D table interfaces at Junglee Rummy. While you are playing the game, instructions pop up to help you make the next move. This includes sorting the cards and declaring a set or sequences of cards. It even prompts you to place the card on the open or closed deck. Joker cards and numerical jokers are well marked for clarity. The online chat facility is available to enable players to interact with each other during a match.

Free Games at Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy offers you free games or matches in the form of practice tables. They offer practice tables with variations of 2, 4 and 6 seat tables. If you are new to rummy, you could even watch a practice table match being played where the maximum number of seats is taken. The practice tables or matches can be played for four different types of rummy. These include 13 Cards Points Rummy, 13 Cards Pool Rummy, 13 Cards Deals Rummy and 21 Cards Points Rummy.

Since the platform is new, changes are implemented more frequently on Junglee Rummy than on the mature platforms offering online rummy. This may be a little overwhelming for players, especially when one is new to the game.

How to Sign Up

The initial registration is free at Junglee Rummy. It takes only a few seconds to finish the registration process. You do not need to provide your credit card details for registration. You can choose your avatar for free, which has characters like Rajnikant, cricket players and even gothic girls!

One can instantly choose a practice match and start playing. On signing in, you are awarded 10,000 practice chips or practice money. Since these are practice matches, there is no prize money involved, even if you’ve won the game. However, you can win chips at the end of the practice matches, allowing you to play more practice tables.

Free Tournaments at Junglee Rummy

There are a number of tournaments for which you are not required to pay any entry fee. But if you win, you can get real cash prizes.

Daily Freerolls:

These matches take place every day. You can win cash prizes, albeit up to a restricted amount.
Weekend Freerolls: Showdown Saturdays: The Saturday tournament offers a cash prize of Rs.5,000.

Weekend Freerolls: Sunday Superstars: The winners of the Sunday tournament get a Rs.10,000 cash prize.

These weekend tournaments allow players the chance to win up to Rs.15,000 in cash prizes in total.

There are several tournaments that are free (no fees for entry), but are exclusive to paid members only.

Junglee Rummy : New to the Competition
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