Rummy – Know all about history…!!

Rummy is a game that is not only played in India but it is popular worldwide. Rummy is played by people of ages and groups as this family game has a unique structure of withdrawing and dumping cards and as the rules of the game are that one needs to get rid of all the cards that they are holding in hands and also needs to form a set or runs . This game is also considered to be the third most popular game in the world.

Now we must figure out where actually rummy originated from as without knowing the origin we will not be able to have a simple idea about this most popular card game. This rummy game was originated centuries game. Rummy game has various theories that are known due to its origin.

It is not easy to know the origin of rummy. As according to the history it is assured that before 1800 there was no existence found of rummy.We need to delve into the existing theories which will tell us more about the  history of rummy. Rummy has been used to evolve from the popular game poker as both have some sort of similarities. Theories were their which shows that rummy has developed from whisky poker and then it was changed to rum poker which finally came out as Rummy.

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There are other theories also for example Chinese theory  and it somehow resembles the Chinese mahjong game. Sources said that the pattern followed by this rummy card game was similar as it also followed the same pattern of withdrawing and dumping cards.

The Rummy history further is not able to produce any definite answer to the question of origin. As there exists the difference of opinion and thus it hard to trace the actual one, and further all the theories are based on real facts and cannot be ignored.

Though with the help of rummy history we are not able to get all the information and thus we are all getting this information from the real facts.

Online rummy is getting more and more popularity these days and people are getting varieties of  a rummy game online this popularity of rummy shows that its popularity will keep on increasing generations by generations.

Rummy – Know all about history…!!
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