RummyCircle Review : Khelo Rummy on RummyCircle

RummyCircle Review: During the 1990’s era, we used to enjoy a lot by playing outdoor games like Cricket, Volleyball, Gully-Danda etc. And during the summer holiday’s we had plenty of options with indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom etc. Well, not to forget we always had the fallback option of drawing cartoons when none of these were available 🙂

One game which used to come to rescue when we had no other options is the famous & ancient card game – Rummy. In fact, we used to even play this game under shade of a tree & those were the most memorable times of the kids in the 90’s. Rummy not only helped us to improve our analytical skills but also inculcated in us the “Competitive Spirit” !!

Obviously, no one likes loosing but the urge to “bounce back” after loosing is also a critical aspect in life and Rummy not only taught us that but also helped us to “Prioritize” when there are multiple options i.e. How difficult it is to select/discard a particular card in a game of Rummy 🙂

Fast forward today, things have moved online & so is the game of Rummy. Though we still enjoy playing Rummy with friends but when that option is not available, we play Rummy on RummyCircle.

Today, we do a RummyCircle review keeping in mind the aspects of Game Play, User Interface, Prize Money etc. So, let’s take deep dive into Reviews of RummyCircle

RummyCircle Review

Kick-Ass design

The most important aspect of any website or mobile app is it’s User-Interface & RummyCircle has a very simple and user-friendly interface. In the RummyCircle, we focused a lot on UX and UI and RummyCircle did not let us down even a wee bit 🙂  Creating a new account was very breezy and setting it up was very easy.

The Design aspect of RummyCircle overall scored 9/10 points. RummyCircle team has followed the KISS [Keep It Simple & Stupid] principle for their design.

Real Competition

We always enjoy playing against real players & for the RummyCircle, we played a real Rummy game with multiple players. There are multiple levels of game & we started off playing a Practice game at the start of the RummyCircle. Once we achieved enough skills playing online Rummy, we competed against Real Players across the table.

After playing couple of games, we got enough confidence & during the course of doing RummyCircle Review, we even won some real cash 🙂

The Competition aspect of RummyCircle overall scored 9.5/10 points. The idea is to become a Pro by playing Practice Tournaments & then jump the ship to play “Competitive Rummy with Real Players”.

Make Loads of Cash

As mentioned in the previous point, while doing the RummyCircle we won real cash. What we won during the Rummy Circle Review is just the “Tip of the Iceberg”. RummyCircle even has a program called Rummy Stars & the testimonial page says it all.

Expert Rummy players have made good amount of prize money on RummyCircle & with Diwali festival just couple of months away, you can expect an explosive Diwali at RummyCircle. Stay tuned for Diwali Tournaments on RummyCircle.

The Winning & Prize Aspect of RummyCircle overall scored 8.5/10 points. Stay tuned for seasonal tournaments on RummyCircle & you might never want to work again 🙂

Rummy on the Go

With the penetration of the internet, advent of 4G & lower data rates have made “Presence on Mobile” something which cannot be ignored. Also, for avid Rummy players staying connected with their favorite game of Rummy was very much required. RummyCircle for Android is now available for download & RummyCircle for Android has received rave reviews. For the RummyCircle Review, we downloaded the app & tested it out on our phone.

RummyCircle on Android is available only in the landscape mode & cards are evenly placed. For the , we tried out couple of real games on our device & the movement from web to mobile looked flawless. In fact, we alsRummyCircleo had an iOS device but since Rummy App is not yet available on iOS, for the RummyCircle we played Rummy on their mobile website

For the review of RummyCircle, the Mobile aspect of RummyCircle overall scored 8.5/10 points. We are sure that iOS App for RummyCircle is under-way 🙂

Closing Comments

We enjoyed doing an in-depth RummyCircle both on web, Android & mobile. We especially liked the Game-Play & uniform interface for mobile. RumyCircle easy download rummy option is just amazing.

If you are a hard-core fan of Rummy, than do not have a second thought to “Join RummyCircle”… Both for fun & making real cash.

RummyCircle Review : Khelo Rummy on RummyCircle
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