Special Tournaments on Ace2Three

From time to time, Ace2Three hosts some promotional tournaments known as Special Tournaments. These tournaments have free entry or a minimum entry fee. The prize money for winners can go up to one lakh and the tournaments are highly competitive.

Ace2Three also hosts some free rummy tournaments for new members called Beginner Tourneys. The entry is free for this tournament, although the members need to have bought real chips at least once to be eligible. A new member can register for such tournaments for up to 30 days from their first purchase of real chips on Ace2Three. The cash prize for winners is Rs 1,000

There are tournaments such as the Weekly Special Tournament, in which as many as 5,000 players can participate and as many as 500 winners may be announced. The date and time for this tournament is announced well in advance on the Special Tournaments page on the Ace2Three website. The registration for the tournament can be done on this webpage.

There are other ways to register for this tournament. An Ace2Three member can simply log in on the Ace2Three and download rummy app on their PC. Once signed in, the game lobby will be displayed. The “Tournaments” tab on the top left needs to be clicked. Following this, the member has to click on the “Special” tab. The special tournaments that are open for registration have a green “Register” button beside their name. Once this button is clicked, a confirmation message will pop-up. Clicking the “Yes” button completes the registration process.


Special Tournaments on Ace2Three
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