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RummyCircle makes Indian Rummy popular among girls

It was just a normal get together with my school friends after 2 years. We were a big bunch of friends in school and fortunately, all of them had turn up for this gathering. I was looking forward to a great time with them.  The girls were all chirpy and lively but guys were glued to their cell phones- 4 of them, all busy on their phones. We had to shake one of them to get answer and turns out they were all busy playing a rummy game on some “private table” at “largest rummy site of India”. We would have let them play quietly but for this one guy whose words were not so decent- “Don’t bother..rummy I not for might just be too intelligent for you”. And the tempers started soaring.  “Just because it is a card game doesn’t mean girls cannot play”, I said. The very moment, all of us took to our phones and decided to check out this site, after all, we were all curious as to what could this game have that makes it so intelligent and “not for girls”. Simply download rummy app on your mobile and try by your self before reaching to any decision.

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