Welcome Rummy Tournaments on RummyCircle

RummyCircle hosts a daily series of rummy tournaments known as the Welcome Tournament. One can enjoy the thrill of competing in an exciting game of Indian rummy at any time, since the tournaments are held from 10am to midnight. The entry to the tournaments is free and is open to all players. The winners walk away with cash prizes and the total money won daily is in thousands of rupees.

The tournaments are quick, with each of them lasting 25 minutes. So, one can compete in these during a break at office or even while travelling home from work. Since there is a user-friendly mobile version of the RummyCircle site, one can access these tournaments easily on their smartphones or tablets.

The registration process is very simple. Existing members can log into the site using their username and password, while new members can create a free account on the RummyCircle site. After logging in, visit the “Tournaments” tab. Under the “Beginner” tab, you can select “Welcome Tournament”. Click on the join button to enter a tournament. You can view the schedule by clicking on the “View Tournament Schedule” link on the Welcome Tournament page.

The Welcome Tournament page also has the option to upload comments. One can read the comments of others or put up a query. The queries are responded to and addressed by RummyCircle very promptly.

There are other free tournaments on RummyCircle, such as Hourly Jackpot Tournaments, Reward Point Tournaments and Winner’s Rummy Tournaments. RummyCircle also hosts several regular and occasional tournaments with large sums of cash to be won. Players look forward to the Diwali Jumbo Tournament, as the huge cash and other prizes can make this festival even more exciting.

Welcome Rummy Tournaments on RummyCircle
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  1. Jay says:

    —i like but i dont know how to play

  2. brajesh says:

    i like rummy playing

  3. brajesh says:

    i just like’s rummy

  4. brajesh says:

    i want win same money for carrier so u give me one chance

  5. ganesh says:

    i like this game

  6. ganesh says:

    i love rummy game .i am joining this game

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