Where to play free rummy tournaments and how?

How to play rummy

Rummy tournaments are challenging and bring with them a load of excitement, packed with action. There are both free rummy tournaments and with fees as well. A player can select a tournament as per preference and win real cash and rewards. Let’s show where to play free rummy tournaments and how to get started.

How to play free rummy tournaments

Free rummy tournaments mean the online tournaments without any joining fee. These tournaments are absolutely free to play, however you still win real cash prizes. Here are the steps to play free rummy tournaments.

  1. Make your account with an online rummy website
  2. Add some cash to be eligible to play cash tournaments
  3. Identify the tournament you want to play
  4. Register yourself for the tournament
  5. Log in at the time of the tournament and play the tournament
  6. Remember to read all the rules and regulations before you enroll for the tournament

What’s the real difference between free and paid tournaments?

Well, if you are thinking that there is some hidden difference between these two types of tournaments, then you are wrong. The only difference is the payment you have to do at one place versus a free entry at another end. Of course, the winning amount differs from tournament to tournament and players can pick as per their comfort. There is no such rule that going for a paid tournament will give you more cash prizes as compared to free tournaments. Enjoy your games for the sake of entertainment and you can win any game.

Where to play rummy tournaments

There are multiple websites that give you the opportunity to play rummy tournaments. One of the best and top rummy websites of India, RummyCircle offers both free and paid rummy tournaments for players to select from. Register with the website, and you can get started. Further, you need to be a cash rummy player before you start playing in tournaments. You can start with a small deposit of Rs. 25/- and enjoy cash games. Once, you have become a cash rummy player, you can enter any tournament and start playing. Learn rummy rules carefully before participating in any rummy tournament for cash to improve your chance of winning.

So, without any further wait register yourself with rummy websites and enjoy rummy tournaments. Rummy is a game of skill and completely legal in India. So, play and win cash without any hesitation.

Where to play free rummy tournaments and how?
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