Why Rummy outshines Poker in terms of popularity

The gaming industry has witnessed a tremendous growth with the increase in the number of skill-based online games. This sector has evolved with time and attracted a number of users from different age groups. In an assortment of card games, Rummy distinguishes itself transcending the concept of a mere game. It no longer remains a niche area for a limited and specific group of people. The reason behind the immense popularity of this game across the globe lies in the features and specifications of this game.  The online portals like rummycircle.com have widened its reach and access across the globe. It has played the pivotal role in entailing a massive response to the online version of rummy which is well evident from the positive rummycircle reviews and feedback by the customers.

Rummy is closely related to poker but there lies a fine line which differentiates them in terms of popularity and acceptance. Belonging to the same family of 13 card game based on the combination of cards which determine your victory in the game, the online versions of Rummy and Poker diverge in terms of acceptance. Rummy surpasses poker in terms of popularity. In sharp contrast to poker which is based on luck and betting for moving ahead in the game, Rummy is based on skills, logic and strategic thinking. This proves to be a several advantage for the latter making it much more engaging. Unlike rummy which is accepted as a social game, poker limits itself to the status of a casino game. Share you Rummycircle review here.

Why Rummy outshines Poker in terms of popularity
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